Acquire the Perspective Your Kingdom Life Requires at KPI!

Intelligence.             Influence.            Integrity.            Authority.

Grow. Improve your Spiritual Acumen and increase your Kingdom Acuity at Kingdom Perspective Institute.

Lead. Join forces with others to strengthen your core abilities to serve those to whom you have been called.

Thrive. Pursue a course of ministry, obtain certification or have your ministry team and leaders train for service.


KPI offers in-person, virtual courses, simulated-live, and on demand asynchronous courses for in demand knowledge. Additionally we offer quarterly Kingdom Conclaves and One-on-One Kingdom Coaching sessions to foster alignment with your purpose. plan. and path in your daily life.

In Demand Knowledge

We need to be competent and confident in our walk while living her in the earth realm. Our Father has provided a plethora of resources to master that competence to ensure we operate here with confidence. At KPI, we facilitate the acquisition of that competence. Through specially designed courses, Kingdom Citizens learn how to:
    - Utilize Kingdom Intelligence
    - Maximize Kingdom Influence  
    - Optimize Kingdom Authority
    - Promote Kingdom Integrity

Quarterly Sessions

Sharpening of Skills

The purpose of the Understanding The Kingdom Conclave, by design, is:  
 -To gather leaders to reaffirm the special authority, power AND influence placed in us from the original mandate in Genesis 1:26:

 - To teach leaders how to use the power of God’s Word to set the platform for taking dominion in the earth realm.

 - To reveal the Kingdom tools that we are to use in fulfilling the Dominion Mandate and teach how to use them.

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Excellently Designed Courses

Access hours of KPI courses in the disciplines that create a framework for lifestyles lived in the abundance and fulfillment you were created for. KPI courses are offered in three key areas:
    - Kingdom Structure, Principles & Practices  
    - Kingdom Systems & Strategies
    - Kingdom Economics & Finance

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view recorded lesson archives.

Awesome KPI Community

Join our community of learners and connect with students from around the world who are just like you. Learn and share with the every growing Kingdom community.

Kingdom Perspective Coaching exists to maximize potential and expand capacity through the alignment of your life’s purpose, profession, and path. With Kingdom Coaching you can believe, own, and live your fullest Kingdom life now!

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