Apostle Howard Audio Messages

Listen to previously recorded messages from Apostle Howard.

Explore some of the revelational truths to freedom through the power of forgiveness.

 God has ordained for us to live from a place of abundance, not a place of need. 

With all the ideals that exist today, the title speaks for itself.

Sometimes letting yourself off the hook is the hardest thing in the world to do.

As you increase in the Spirit,
so do your benefits.

Life happens without your permission. God's Word helps us stay in the fight.

In every stage of life, what you believe will be challenged. Where is your belief?

Part 2 of "How Much Do You Believe?"

How much does it take for you to get the lessons God is trying to teach you?

Learning how to love who you really are, flaws and all.

Righteousness is a standard that we were created from; we didn’t create it. 

When you realize why God loves you the way He does, you'll never be the same.


"I want you to know that the Kingdom is in safe hands in Earth with Apostle Howard Rose teaching it. He has taught us where we should stand in the Kingdom, how we should act in the Kingdom, how we should dress in the Kingdom, and definitely how we should speak in the Kingdom."

Bishop Ian Breathwaite
Nassau, Bahamas

"Apostle Howard was passionate about sharing the Word of God, as he projected many examples of his personal walk with the Lord. As a result, I have observed a powerful anointing on him for Kingdom Business principles and a recurring burden for the spiritual development of church leadership."

Dr. Portia Brown-Serrette
Nassau, Bahamas

Howard provided a wonderful one day training for the staff at the Literacy Council. His words were truly inspirational. The entire staff enjoyed his presentation and even requested that he visit with us again in the future.  If your team needs words of inspiration to help them handle life, work, or community responsibilities, consider Howard Rose, Jr. He has a dynamic personality and a positive message.

Tommeka Semien
Lake Charles, Louisiana

"Pastor Howard, I want to express our gratitude for accepting our invitation to bring your Kingdom Leadership Summit to our Preachathon event. You poured into our Pastors and Evangelists that participated in our 24-hour Preachathon event here in Nassau, Bahamas. The response to your spirit-filled presentation was very impactful and left our community excited. May our Lord rain blessings on your Kingdom Leadership Summit as you move on around the world."

Pastor Rod Newbold
Nassau, Bahamas

"Apostle Rose is an exceptional teacher who taught our church the true biblical essence and meaning of forgiveness in comparison to an unbiblical worldview of forgiveness. Apostle Rose emphasized how forgiveness is a key component of deliverance that enables believers to move forward in the purposes of the kingdom of God. Our church was tremendously blessed and apostle Rose will be invited back in the near future to minister again."

Pastor Eric Barnes
California, United States

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