Success Thoughts CBT

Success Thoughts is a life coaching platform based on principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is designed to empower you with tools you can immediately begin to use to master your thoughts and emotions and get unstuck in the now of your life.

What Is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on the connection between a person's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It recognizes that our thoughts can influence how we feel and act. CBT aims to help individuals identify and challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts, replacing them with more realistic and beneficial ones. By doing so, CBT aims to reduce psychological distress and promote positive changes in behavior and overall well-being. It is commonly used to address various mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, and addiction. CBT is a collaborative and structured approach where therapists work with clients to develop effective coping strategies and foster long-term improvements.

How Success Thoughts CBT Can Help You

How can Success Thoughts Life Empowerment make you a better “you”?
By identifying negative emotions associated with negative thought patterns, you may be able to identify a host of past situations that were not your fault which presently caused you to deal with yourself and others in a negative way. It is not psychology or psychiatry, so there is no probing into past occurrences. Success Thoughts can help you to see the real you and help you feel better about yourself, thereby seeing the greatness that is already on the inside of you.

How can Success Thoughts Life Empowerment improve your productivity?
Once you are able to identify negative thought patterns and develop new, positive ones, you will spend less time dwelling on the past and the negative, thereby beginning a new chapter of your life and pressing forward toward the future. Your new thought process will cause you to look more for the positive rather than the negative.

How can Success Thoughts Life Empowerment help you make your dreams come true?
By identifying negative thought patterns, you can narrow down to the most minute detail what has kept you from moving forward in a positive direction so you can pursue your dreams. Identifying negative thought patterns and the (negative) emotions coupled with them will enable you to develop new, healthier thought patterns and keep negative ones from forming. This is done through the receipt and vocal repetition of the positive affirmations given from the Emotional Evaluation.